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Things Learned Over The Past Year

  1. Relationships and activity are the substance of the world, not concrete things. There's nothing to "get", only possibilities to create with others.

  2. Living in a hyper-individualistic culture produces a mild form of collective Autism. It's why it's so hard to be curious about others, to really listen to someone rather than waiting for your turn to speak, to give credit, etc.

  3. You get over being victimized by a 'getter' culture by becoming a giver, by being curious about other people, by literally asking someone “what’s that like for you?” and living in the moment with others. This sounds simple but is a monumental (and revolutionary) task.

  4. When kids play pretend, they’re not just playing doctor to experience what it's like to play doctor, they’re building their skills as choreographer, as playwright of their own lives, they're doing the choreography of their own development. They’re doing so via performance, and it gets even weirder here because as adults, we’re always performing too.

  5. When we speak, we are always doing something more than speaking or saying something, we’re performing. When birds chirp, they’re not speaking a structured language, their sounds are just relational to each other and there’s no real proof that we’re not doing the same. Your line is produced by the collective.